Cha's Restaurant (查餐厅)

Hong Kong, Chinese
30 Sinan Rd, 1F | 思南路30-4号 (Huahai Rd | 淮海中路)
Huangpu, 上海市 200020
+86 21 6093 2062
11:00am - 1:30am
11:00am - 1:30am
11:00am - 1:30am
11:00am - 1:30am
11:00am - 1:30am
11:00am - 1:30am
11:00am - 1:30am


  • The best time to avoid wait line is to come after 1:30am.
  • Delicious Hong Kong cuisine. Marble beef, scrambled egg with shrimp and lemon tea (so different from European or Russian tea w lemon!) are strongly recommended
  • Don't try the
  • To really feel like you are in a wong kar wai movie you should dress up like tony leung in chung king express and eat macaroni with luncheon meat.
  • The fatty beef with XO chilli sauce on instant noodles is amazing. The pork curry rice was delicious (very fatty tender fried pork cutlet) n the chicken wings were juicy.
  • Cantonese fare at its best with the ambience of old Hong Kong style diner. Sweet sour pork, pork buns and milk tea are guaranteed taste-bud pleasers. Expect long waiting times or share a table.
  • Too busy everyday! Nice food though. Very Hongkong.
  • Famous Cantonese restaurant in Shanghai. VERY delicious food! Chicken in sweet lemon sauce is amazing, try French toast for desert and Cantonese milk tea of course!
  • definitely worthy! classic Cantonese food, the same as what I'd enjoyed when staying in Hong Kong
  • A casual Hong Kongese diner serving traditional Cantonese food alongside milk teas and coffee. Try the soy sauce chicken, deep-fried wings, dry-fried rice noodles with beef, & fried ramen with pork.
  • Be gentle and nice to the waitresses dressed in white. Some of them finish work every night at 3am.
  • Get the fried chicken
  • Really really great HK / Cantonese diner style food. The HK French toast is fantastic. Everything is pretty great quality. You may be sitting with others at the table which is very HK diner style.
  • Great atmospheric Hong Kong style canteen. Everything on the menu looks tasty. I especially like the lemon chicken, instant noodles, and crispy beef noodles
  • Good place for brunch. I would recommend every1 to try.
  • Chickennnn
  • Please, the chicken wing. You wont regret it.

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