Calbi Korean BBQ

Row 1

Los Angeles, CA
(562) 391-2432

Foursquare Tips

  • Wear glasses and talk with a British accent when you go to order. Instant IQ points! #DontBlowIt
  • Tofu Burrito is AMAZING!!!!
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • The imported sodas are 50 cents more than the regular sodas.
  • Its like eating chinese food on a tortilla. Gross. No Mexican flavor.
  • Combos are the best deal.
  • Try the kimchee quesadilla...mmm pretty delish!
  • The shrimp burrito is to die for! Highly recommended.
  • Was great and worth the wait
  • Awesome. Tacos are delish!
  • Pork burrito comes with an egg. Get this get this now!
  • Order the spicy pork taco. It's the best!
  • Remember to bring the pepto.
  • Don't forget extra napkins.
  • The chicken quesadillas and a cup of sriracha hot sauce will never do you wrong. :)
  • KimChee quesadilla is reallly good, try it =D
  • Great quesidillas!!!
  • Vegetarian option: go with the tofu rather than vegetarian. It's all the same ingredients, plus good tofu. Don't forget the saracha.
  • Pork burrito. Nuff sais
  • Order anything with pork in it. Pork is the best by far.

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