Cádiz Tapas Bar

$ $ $
Terminal 3, Concourse B (DXB Airport)
دبي, دبي
+971 4 505 2740


  • Internet code at Cadiz: airporthotel132
  • No more minimum charge as long as you order, you can enjoy our bar restaurant..
  • Smoking bar and restaurant. Minumum charge of $11, fair enough for a place like this. Very comfy and relaxing.
  • Authentic spanish tapas. You can also choose varieties of wines came from all over the world with spanish wines as house wines.
  • Nice selection of finger food. The place is tucked away from the crowd and gives you space to relax or work in peace. Worth the time spent here.
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  • It is worth paying for a little bit of peace and quiet - even if they do not have their full menu.
  • , priority pass
  • Great lounge to relax in food was good enjoyed the massage chair. The service was excellent. Good place to chill while waiting a connecting flight. Will definitely recommend
  • Relax, chill out and enjoy the food-drink with ahlan service package (enough space, and 4hours can cooling down on the sofa)
  • Confusing but this tapas place also serve as a lounge, they take Priority Pass & Amex Platinum. Complimentary drinks (including alcoholic) with hot & cold buffet. Good place for layovers.
  • Its also an airport lounge using lounge key and priority pass..great food and top service..much better than marhaba lounge
  • Impressed with the dirty martini!
  • Starting January 16, 2014 no more smoking section at this bar!!!
  • Quiet oasis in the midst of craziness! One could miss the entrance as its just an elevator manned by a hostess, but it's unbelievably quiet once up though service can be spotty. Great hideaway.
  • Comfy seats and plugs behind the sofas
  • beer $ 17 , holey sheet!
  • Very slow service even when empty.
  • I can't imagine how the service could possibly be any worse. Rubbish.
  • Nice bar to rest while waiting transfer flight.

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