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  • Situated right on the beach, it's a really nice dining experience. I really enjoyed the Lobster Pot Pie with Truffle Crust. Read all about my visit on WinstonWanders below!
  • While it's difficult to stray from the many seafood options while staring at the ocean, the jerk chicken is the best thing on the menu.
  • Good news is this place is beautiful and the service is very good as the island goes. Bad news is the food - it was insultingly bad for the price, and would not have been good for half that.
  • The five course tasting menu is exquisite. Watermelon salad with shrimp, beet consomm and angel hair with bay scallops were wonderful.
  • Not the best place where to eat on the island. For example at the italian restaurant "Bella Luna" you can eat much better.

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