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Am Heumarkt 2A
Wien, Wien 1030
+43 1 7133168
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:30pm - 12:00am
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:30pm - 12:00am
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:30pm - 12:00am
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:30pm - 12:00am
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:30pm - 12:00am


  • Head back into town and wander through Viennas city park. Make for the Meierei im Stadtpark, where at 1pm you can enjoy freshly baked apple strudel.
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  • 11th Best Restaurant in the world- 2012.
  • Classique et distingu.
  • Tout est parfait. La cuisine est sublime et le cadre enchanteur.
  • | 2 Michelin Stars | Heinz Reitbauer uses indigenous sourcing, revives forgotten dishes and promotes sustainability across the food chain. Tasting menu all the way. Simply superb!
  • Steirereck breakfast is unique - assorted snacks of a very high quality and taste! Best recommendation! Especially for soft boiled egg with fuagra!
  • Amazing view, service and food !
  • Amazing place for breakfast
  • - ). 5 - 3 )) , 2 9- . .
  • One of the best dinners I ever had! Exceptional food, affordable prices.... It is a real experience and must do if you are travelling to Vienna! Walking distance from Stefanplatz in the Stadtpark...
  • the best in town. very fancy.
  • Crazy place for Milk and Cheese lovers on the other side of Steiereck! Also with much more reasonable prices! Regular food is, of course, also available. Loved it!!!
  • Lust auf gutes Brot? Hier bekommst du Josephs Brot vom Pheinsten serviert.
  • Really classy place. Breakfast starts at 7.80, and it's really cheap considering the standart of the place. Wonderful.
  • Egg with foie gras
  • Great Viennese Cruisine at a reasonable price! Cheese lovers will be in heaven! However the schnitzel at Figlemller is still better than here!
  • One of Wolfgang's favorites around the world! He recommends the Black Walnut Sorbet.
  • brilliant place in summer - get a table on the terrace. Same kitchen as the Michelin star restaurant Steirereck upstairs, just far more affordable. Great local food!
  • Best dinning place in the world! Love the food! Thanks much! Everything is EXCELLENT

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Am Heumarkt 2A / im Stadtpark, A-1030 Wien