Red Dragon

Dive Bar, Bar, Chinese
$ $
2116 Lyndale Ave S (btw Franklin & 22nd)
Minneapolis, MN 55405
(612) 874-8877



  • Get a Wondrous Punch. Actually maybe don't. Yeah, on second thought don't.
  • Stop in for a Wonderous Punch. You've been warned.
  • Get the Wondrous Punch and it's lights out!
  • Took a digger and scraped my knee immediately following Wonderous Punch --> highly recommended
  • Red dragon!!!!! Try the punch on a full stomach!
  • Voted as Best Dive Bar by City Pages in 2010. The drinks are insane. For $6 to $8 you can order a cocktail that will have you crawling home in less than an hour.
  • Red Dragon cheese cream puffs are the best in town.
  • Wonderous Punch.... Yea very delish n gets ya drunk qwik lol!
  • When the bartender says "What's up?" He isn't trying to be friend you! He's asking what you would like to drink, so order your damn drink!!!
  • They are part of the family now. We are jazzed over this. Use coupon code FOURSQUARE at check out to get $5 off your first order
  • Though, they are notorious for the Wondrous Punch, they have other delicious drinks (Tokyo Tea, Chi Chi, etc). Oh, and the chicken wings are like crack! ;) Great place for a nightcap.
  • Try the punch
  • Tony is a fox!
  • It's all about that wonderous punch baby!
  • Do a punch! You gotta!!! And play some technotronic on the tunes machine!
  • Drink a Wondrous Punch. And take a cab home for goodness' sake!
  • For years, my boyfriend thought it was called "wanderers punch"
  • Cream cheese puffs, chicken wings, and wondrous punch. #TeamSlizzured
  • for whatever reason, the french lemonade is awesome. and it's cheaper on weeknights!
  • Wondrous punch and General Tsos chicken

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