Burger King Is Celebrating Its 70th Birthday With A Brand New Dessert

Are you feeling old yet? Burger King is turning the big seven-oh in 2024, and what better way to celebrate than with a little bit of birthday cake — or rather, birthday pie? To mark this milestone, Burger King is adding a brand new birthday pie slice to its dessert offerings for a limited time, beginning May 16. The dessert will include a crumbly cookie crust packed with a birthday cake flavored pie filling. BK tops it all off with cake bites, whipped topping, and, of course, celebratory rainbow sprinkles. Although Burger King's big day falls on June 1, this new addition to the menu will help get the festivities started early.

Burger King has a long history of menu items you probably forgot about, so it's only fitting that, for its 70th birthday, the fast food chain will celebrate by adding one more. But this time, it's decided to venture into new dessert territory. This is just one of many recent additions to the Burger King canon, like its new frozen cotton candy drink added in early April. But the new birthday pie slice isn't the only way fans can have it their way on Burger King's birthday.

More birthday celebration perks coming from Burger King

Any good birthday celebration isn't limited to one day; it lasts the whole week! And Burger King sure wants to celebrate loyal customers who are members of the BK loyalty program. Beginning Tuesday, May 28 — National Hamburger Day, of course — a new special offer will be available each day for a whole week, lasting until June 3.

The National Hamburger Day offer includes a free hamburger with any purchase totaling $0.70 or more. With the same stipulation, you can take advantage of other offers on various days of BK's celebration week, including a free medium soft drink on May 30 or even a free birthday pie slice on June 1, Burger King's official 70th birthday. Die-hard BK fans and BK loyalty program members shouldn't miss the chance to enjoy this week of free perks, just as they shouldn't forget to enter Burger King's $1 million Whopper contest. A full list of deals available throughout the birthday week will be available on Burger King's website so you can celebrate deliciously.