The Protein Flip: Reimagining Protein With Menus of Change

From, by Isabel Bennett
The Protein Flip: Reimagining Protein With Menus of Change

The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition teamed up and formed the Menus of Change, a way to challenge chefs and foodservice professionals in America to reinvent and reimagine traditional roles for animal and plant protein on restaurant menus. They have released two evidence-based documents called The Protein Flip and Protein Plays as a way to educate chefs and food service professionals.

The Protein Flip is a 12-page infographic highlighting the ways meat is harming humans and the planet and the urgency to “flip” the role of proteins on menus. Currently plant sources account for only 15 percent of all protein Americans consume. “It’s time for chefs to leave behind the habit of using ‘protein’ as a synonym for ‘meat.’ Cultural shifts like these in the chef community can help broaden the general mindset about protein in the U.S.”

Protein Plays is the companion of The Protein flip. It is an 8-page tool kit with 20 culinary techniques for shifting the value around meat, increasing flavor while reducing meat, and moving towards more plant protein. It also has graphics showing the relative greenhouse gas emissions and water impacts of different sources of protein and debunks many common myths about animal based protein.

For more information, visit Menus of Change

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