Proposed Restaurant for Daredevils Only

From by Mila Pantovich
Proposed Restaurant for Daredevils Only

If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to skip getting a cocktail at Biré Bitori. Designed by Tall Arquitectos, the restaurant hangs over Mexico’s Copper Canyon and as you can see from the renderings, it takes serious advantage of the views. Not only does the design extend out from a cliff, it even has glass flooring in some places (making that 6,000-foot drop all the more apparent) and looks out at the famed Basaseachic Falls.

Tall Arquitectos, Biré Bitori

Including a bar and lounge area, the unique restaurant features an open floorplan with a modern design scheme. The décor focuses on muted earth tones that consist of armchairs, wood tables and flooring to match. Pops of color will be brought in via fabric wall hangings and displayed vases. It also looks like some tables will feature a grill at the center.

Though details are sparse, we are hoping that Biré Bitori is made into a reality very soon.

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