Prestige Private Air Offers Last-Minute Bookings and Helicopter Transfers With New Emerald Membership

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Prestige Private Air Offers Last-Minute Bookings and Helicopter Transfers With New Emerald Membership

Using the tagline “All You Can Fly and All You Can Carry,” Prestige Private Air promises to give clients the smoothest travel experience possible. To boost their service, the private jet club has recently added a new Emerald Class Membership for $2,500 a month that includes helicopter transfers and unlimited last-minute bookings.

Promising to never charge any hidden fees for last-minute flights, Prestige’s Emerald membership is ideal for anyone who has to travel often without advanced notice (whether due to business or an unpredictable whimsy). "Clientele will include frequent fliers for whom a price tag of $2,500 per month for unlimited flights is a bargain," says Alexa Joan, Public Relations Director for Prestige. "Think the upper echelons of the business world, people who take to the air many times a month—and often with little notice." Using first-class Boeing 737 jets with 58 extra wide seats, the flight of course comes with such amenities as Wi-Fi and movies. Three personal flight attendants will be there to serve you all the food and cocktails you could ever want. 

Prestige Private Air, private jet

Prestige also vows to get clients to their destinations much quicker than their competitors. According to the private jet firm, a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas may take a commercial airline three hours, but Prestige promises it will only take them little more than an hour. They make this possible by utilizing private runways, so your flights will be able to take off and land far before major airlines are able to. You also get access to private luxury terminals so you can avoid the hassles of lines, checkpoints, parking, and crowds.

The Emerald Class Membership is available to Prestige members flying between Burbank and Oakland, Burbank and Las Vegas, and Burbank and San Francisco.

Prestige Private AirPrestige Private Air, private jetPrestige Private Air, private jet

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