Pooh's Hunny Hunt (プーさんのハニーハント)

Theme Park
舞浜1-1 (東京ディズニーランド ファンタジーランド)
浦安市, 千葉県 279-0031


  • 10010
  • Most innovative ride Ive ever been on. Best ride at Tokyo Disneyland. Very unique take a a Pooh ride.
  • Don't skip it just because you've been on Pooh rides in the other parks. This isn't the same. It's the best! Get a fast pass.
  • GET A FAST PASS IF YOU WANT TO GET ON - otherwise the queue is always incredibly long
  • I love Winnie the Pooh <3 the scenes from the book is beautiful! Worth the queue.
  • I really like the Tigger scene.
  • 20
  • Sit back and let it seep in. It's a quick but trippy ride. Worth the long line. Nothing else quite like it!
  • It's really recommanded to get this fastpass as soon as possible once getting in Disney Land

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