Petrosino Square

Lafayette St (Kenmare St)
New York, NY 10012


  • Tracey Emin's Roman Standard features a single bronze bird perched on top of a 13-foot pole. The sculpture serves as a symbol of hope, faith and spirituality. On display until September 8, 2013.
  • Doesn't matter if it's early morning or mid afternoon, this place is a total sun trap. Soak up some rays.
  • Great place to do a crossword.
  • Get your dose of sugar and Vitamin D with a cheesecake from Eileen's and a bench here.
  • Grab a sabich (eggplant) sandwich from Taim, and come enjoy it here on a sunny day.
  • The Village Voice voted this Best Downtown Mob History Park in our Best Of New York Poll!
  • My favorite spot to sit and read a book on my lunch break.
  • Have a SEAT. But not on the bench by the trashcan in the sun. That's ours. :)
  • well loved and always busy, despite its small size.
  • Deceptive name! It's a triangle, not a square! Great place to eat lunch outdoors and numerous places to grab your lunch to go. Hoomus Asli across the street has great falafel sandwiches for 5 bucks.
  • Take an afternoon walk, sit on a bench, and enjoy the fresh air. Perfect break from the office.
  • Get a moments peace on the benches here with a coffee or some cheesecake from across the road.
  • The small triangular park is great for a quick breather in the middle of a busy day.
  • Beware of seeking a seat in the shade of the trees because the pigeons are up there and full of shit.
  • Cute little park to enjoy your la esquina tacos or some coffee in.
  • Awesome piano in the park courtesy of Piano Across America
  • Great spot to grab a bench and free wifi.
  • Petrosino's Square? lol.. i live in Petrosino City (Italy - Sicily) :-D
  • Have a sit!
  • the best place to hangout in the Spring and Fall. Cafe Select across the street has the best Iced Teas

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