People's Square (人民广场)

Huangpu, 上海市 200001


  • Marriage market on the weekend!
  • angay n istiklali
  • :)
  • Too many people OMG :O
  • Nice place for connectin to peoples.
  • people.everywhere.
  • hello, hello, hello
  • So many people here
  • Nice place for a casual stroll. Close to the Shanghai Museum which is free.
  • Ah, the famous people's square. Crowded 24/7, starts with Nanjing road, and ends with the Bund. Don't take the "train". Just walk and take great photos. Night time recommended if you are photographer.
  • (shanghai museum, ., etc), renmin gongyuan. : - .. nanjingdonglu . big bus
  • Beautiful park, make sure to check Shanghai museum, it's free!
  • Don't wonder why there are so many people. You are on People's square:) and it is normal for each square in Shanghai
  • For a good overall view, head to a secret corner of the park, near the lake, on the north side. - Green Guide Editor
  • The square is not enough for the people..
  • Good shopping! So delicious sushi
  • Must go exit 1,, a lot stall there,, bargaining is a must,,, at least 1/3 the price hahaa ,, don't be too rush,, and good luck hehee
  • Shopping!!!!

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