Food Junction, 6/F, Departure West Hall, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport
Chek Lap Kok,


  • I love their sandwiches!! Made fresh!
  • Awful and stale
  • Quick bite between connections
  • The latte was good, but if you're on a budget try the cheaper options next door. If money is not a problem, the options are fresh and well served.
  • Saw a bunch of good reviews but when I got there the sandwich selection was limited to two types. I was highly disappointed.
  • They don't microwave out until you order it! And even then, not that well
  • Some of the sandwiches are quite good, just make sure to pick the ones that look good to you.
  • It's pretty disappointed that the breakfast set now only goes with latte n not breakfast tea
  • Awful. 68 dollars for a bland and tasteless sandwich. Better off going for mcds next door, even with the super long line.
  • Yikes. Did I just pay $6 US for a latte. Maybe paying in local $$ would be better. Latte was good. But it better be for that price
  • , ! Cockroaches!
  • Great and healthy bread foods but a bit expensive ... reminds me of SUBWAY.
  • Crap sandwich. Yesterday's bread
  • Tasty cappuccino!
  • The sandwiches was fresh and good.
  • Norwegian salmon sandwich is amazing! I always visit Panopolis just for this.... Even during stopovers no matter how short :)
  • The latte was great and they have a nice bacon and egg breakfast sandwich. They are open before 7AM. Not going to Illy anymore!
  • Coffees' Good.
  • Par exemple : essaye la glace la vanille au sel de mer. On ne trouve pas de meilleur dessert en ville !
  • The strawberry juice is awesome.

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