Painted Ladies

Historic Site, Park
Steiner St (btwn Grove & Hayes St)
San Francisco, CA 94117


  • From the park across the street from the Painted Ladies, you can get a fantastic photo of the old Victorians with the city in the background.
  • The view is even more beautiful at sunset. The ViewSonic finches love to relax here.
  • Take photos from an angle ... and then climb the hill to get the view of San Francisco in the background
  • Try to resist singing the Full House theme in your head.
  • If you stand on the Hayes St. side of Alamo Square, you'll have the best view of The Painted Ladies (Full House houses), St. Mary's Cathedral, the Transamerica building & the rest of downtown SF. ;)
  • The REAL Full House house is not here! Its about 7 minutes away. These are only the houses and park in the theme song.
  • It's the Full Houses houses! You know you want to take this picture, don't even try to hide it.
  • Iconic SF landmark across from a beautiful public park. Sit in the grass, warm up in the sun and admire the view.
  • If you're going on a sunny day, go in the afternoon. The sun will be facing the houses which makes their colors more pretty.
  • As expected, the milkman and the paperboy were nowhere to be found. Whatever happened to them, anyway?
  • Would it be so hard to slap a coat of paint on these *ahem* ladies?
  • One of the iconic scenes of San Francisco is a row of turn-of-the-century Victorian houses. If you go there at sunset, you can capture your own iconic photo.
  • seeking the secret of fantastic photoshoot...
  • The real Full House house is at 1709 Broderick near Bush
  • Find Bob Saget under the east side tree to give you a personal and quite disgusting tour.
  • Typical picture of San Francisco in Alamo Sq.
  • best views
  • For best results, capture your photos in the afternoon before other buildings cast shadows.
  • It's surreal to actually stand in front of them!
  • Where's Danny Tanner & Uncle Jessie!?

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