Packable Pasta Lunches

From by Manda deZayas
Packable Pasta Lunches

Packing lunches can become tedious; trying to pack new and exciting lunches that are also healthy can be a big challenge! We get stuck making and eating the same lunch week after week. And who has the time to come up with new and creative ideas?

Pasta makes those lunch challenges a cinch by providing the perfect building block for nutritious and delicious meals that are easy to make and fun to eat! Cold or hot, you can pair pasta with a wide variety of fiber-filled vegetables, lean proteins, legumes and more healthy ingredients for a perfect, packable lunch. What’s more, you can boil a pot of penne on Monday and use it for different lunch recipes throughout the week! Consider…

Add a bit of fruit, nuts, granola or Greek yogurt for a sweet side to complete your palate and you are set! A week’s worth of health packable pasta lunches. See the video below to learn more or click the links for healthy pasta lunch ideas and recipes.

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