Row 1

18 W 23rd St (Fifth Avenue)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 256-1072
Mon–Sat: 11:00 AM–9:00 PM Sun: 11:30 AM–8:00 PM

New York City finally has great Mexican food from someone who actually knows what he’s doing, and in a fast-casual format that seems like it should put the corrugated iron-lined, office worker lunch favorite Chipotle in its place. The name of this new Mexican restaurant? Óxido. The chef? San Antonio’s Jesse Perez of the Pearl’s Arcade Midtown Kitchen.

You choose from two tacos, a burrito, or a rice bowl (you’ve seen this before), but everything is better than at that familiar fast-casual Mexican chain. There’s grass-fed garlic steak (not skirt), chicken poblano, chile lime pork carnitas, New Mexican beef curry, and (for the vegetarians) red chile mushroom. All the options are great, but the standouts are the carnitas (fresh, tender, and infused with Mexican oregano and red chiles) and the curry (great depth of flavor). There are black and pinto beans, and Óxido’s take on huitlacoche (without the funk). Then you get a choice of seven salsas (chile de árbol with toasted spices and smoked chiles is my favorite).

My suggestion? Just walk up to the register and ask them to “Make it dirty.” That’s secret menu-talk for “you won’t be disappointed nachos.” — Arthur Bovino, 3/12/2015

Foursquare Tips

  • They just opened! It's like Chipotle but tbh might be better. Or maybe the different taste was just refreshing. Also they have queso.
  • Grass fed garlic steak bowl all the way with chiles de arbol sauce. Guac and queso is extra, but a must. Ask for crushed chips on your bowl.
  • Oxido is much better than Chipotle, in my opinion...and they have queso!
  • QUESO! Their salsas are all super tasty and the meats are really flavorful. To top it off all the employees are really kind. Better than chipotle!
  • Like chipotle but better! It may sound strange for a Mexican place but get the beef curry with comino Brown rice. The garlic steak is also delicious!
  • Lots of sauce options, ask for a side of one or two to try them out, they also make good dipping sauces for the chips (which are seasoned and fantastic)
  • Bowl and tacos
  • No better than chipotle, & not good enough to justify price. At bout $15 bowl w/ guac the mexican beef curry was like a mushy sauce & wasnt much beef. May go back & try again but may not b worth it
  • Best burrito in midtown
  • Just an extra dollar for added guac! Go for the upgrades at oxido
  • Carnitas tacos are so tasty, fajita veggies and corn are a great addition.
  • Everything here is fresh, delicious, and high quality. Lots of great sauces, and superior guacamole!
  • Chipotle, improved.
  • They catered an office lunch once and the beef and chicken were delicious. Somehow still less popular than Dos Toros for some bizarre reason.
  • Much better than chipotle! You can't go wrong with the chicken or mushroom bowl.
  • A better version of Chipotle.
  • Chicken and mushrooms. Worth the double protein bill.
  • Why go to Chipotle if you have Oxido as an option?!
  • The mushrooms are spicy and delicious, makes for a filling vegetarian meal.
  • Queso, chips