One Pot Pasta Tips

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One Pot Pasta Tips

As part of National Pasta Month, we’re giving you plenty of tips on how to make a quick, healthy pasta meal. Whether you’re short on time or want to minimize clean up after you eat, one-pot pasta dishes are a convenient way to get a healthy, delicious meal on the table. With many recipes and options for adding different meats, vegetables and flavors, the one pot method may just become your new favorite way to cook pasta!

Cooking your pasta dish in one-pot can be slightly different than what you’re used to when cooking pasta, so we’ve outlined several tips to make sure your one pot pasta meal is packed with flavor and healthy ingredients:

  • Make sure to use enough liquid in your one-pot pasta meals, as you need to have extra liquid for the pasta to absorb and expand.
  • Because the pasta will absorb whatever liquid you put in the pot, it can be pretty flavorful – chicken, beef or vegetarian broth are great recommendations to use instead of water!
  • If you’re adding vegetables, it’s a good idea to lightly steam or cook them first and then add them in at the end, because if you put them in at the beginning they may overcook by the time the pasta is done.
  • If you’re adding meat, it’s best to start cooking it first, to caramelize the pan, before adding the rest of the ingredients. Be sure the meat is then simmered instead of boiled, to avoid it getting tough.
  • You don’t need to salt the water or the pasta you use in one-pot meals because you are adding your flavoring ingredients straight to the pot.
  • Watch your one-pot dish carefully. Though you may be used to paying little attention while your water is boiling, one pot pasta meals tend to stick so it’s important to stand by to stir throughout the cooking process.
  • Make sure you have enough room to fit all your ingredients. A large pot like a Dutch oven is easiest for cooking one pot pasta meals.


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