Oakshire Brewing Hellshire V Release and Barrel-Aged Beer Fest

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Oakshire Brewing Hellshire V Release and Barrel-Aged Beer Fest

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Eugene, Oregon – Oakshire Brewing Hellshire V release and Barrel-Aged Beer Fest has been announced for Saturday, March 14th, and the label and description for the annual Hellshire V revealed. In its fifth iteration, Oakshire’s Hellshire once again is a barrel-aged imperial stout, but in the spirit of its comic book art influences, this year’s edition will have two different versions of label art.

Hellshire V description:

Deep within the recesses of the alcoves and antechambers of Oakshire Brewing lies another realm. It’s a place where carefully fermented beers are laid to rest in oaken sarcophagi. They slumber for aeons and emerge as wholly new and unique entities, fueling the malformed creatures that populate those blasted and eldritch wastes. That place is Hellshire.

Hellshire V is a hearty Export-style Stout aged for 9 months in freshly emptied Knob Creek bourbon barrels. Soft vanilla and cocoa notes intertwine with oak, bourbon, and the beer’s complex malt flavors. We’ve aged it for enjoyment now, or cellar it dry and cool for a few. Cheers! Matt Van Wyk, Brewmaster.

Since its birth in the recesses of the Oakshire Brewery, Hellshire has always thrived on a symbiotic relationship with art. Whether it be the art form of barrel aging and blending, the dark magic of dipping a bottle into the perfectly hued wax, or the annual custom label, without art, there is no Hellshire. This year, as always, the illustrations of the talented Sean Äaberg will mercilessly cling to the bottles of out fifth version of Hellshire. A wicked twist to this year’s incarnation Äaberg will lend TWO of his illustrations to our bottles. In the tradition of variant covers adorning comic book covers, you’ll get the choice between two different labels or you can wisely collect them both.

Export-Style Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels

OG 19.74 IBU 25 ABV 8.3%


As you can see from the above poster, Hellshire Day and the Barrel-Aged Beer Fest in Eugene is worth traveling for.

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