Now Your Kid Can Drive a Tesla Model S

From by Mila Pantovich
Now Your Kid Can Drive a Tesla Model S

Radio Flyer and Tesla have partnered up to create a one-seater Model S just for kids and it’s almost as cool as the real thing. The lithium ion battery-run toy is customizable, enabling you to choose the paint color, performance style, accessories and even personalize the vanity plate. While it doesn’t have a Ludicrous Mode (because that would be…well, ludicrous), it does have working headlights, a spacious interior, a trunk, car cover, and a speaker that is compatible with MP3 players and smartphones. Suitable for ages 3-8, the speed can be limited to 3 mph for beginners and opened up to a whopping 6 mph for advanced drivers.

Pre-order the Model S now and your order will be shipped in June.  

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