Newly invented Sugarwise test identifies added sugar in food

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Newly invented Sugarwise test identifies added sugar in food

PASADENA, Calif., Sept. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- A new test, enabling scientists to identify added sugars in foods for the first time, launches in Palo Alto. The Sugarwise certification program uses this test to award a kitemark to those products low in added sugar helping people quickly identify them. It has been hailed as one of the most important breakthroughs in our fight against the negative health effects associated with high sugar intake.

The groundbreaking technology developed by  Sugarwise  to measure added sugar in foods is to begin use in the US. Following on from the new FDA guidelines on food labelling, the technology is the only way of independently measuring added sugar without requiring recipe information from manufacturers. Chief Scientist, Vinicius Ferreira, from Caltech developed the method working with Cambridge University Scientists.

Sugarwise, which was the first UK company to move its headquarters to the US following the Brexit vote has been warmly received by American health campaigners. Today major campaigners will announce their intentions to collaborate at this event in Palo Alto. On Friday 9th September the new system becomes available throughout the US.

Vinicius Ferreira, Caltech Scientist said: "An overwhelming majority of the American population exceeds their added sugar target on a daily basis. Obesity is soaring and sugar related illness is rising. We have developed the test and certification to help people take control of their sugar intake. If Sugarwise encourages the food industry to address added sugar content the knock on effect could be huge."

Rend Platings, Sugarwise Founder, said: "I was shocked to hear my daughter's generation may live a shorter life than their parents. It's not that we don't know about the dangers of sugar, we do; the problem relates to our lack of access to healthier choices."


Sugarwise is the world's first certification for sugar claims in food and drink. The Sugarwise test is the only independent method for assessing added sugars. Manufacturer supplied recipe information is not required. The independent assessment has the potential to enforce new sugar labelling regulations as well as reformulation targets on added sugar throughout the world, ensuring fairness. The kitemark highlights options low in added sugars.



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