My Facebook Page Was Hijacked!!

From by Beth Pierce
My Facebook Page Was Hijacked!!

My Facebook page disappeared on Thanksgiving morning!!  I received an email from Facebook stating that at 10:52 AM someone had removed me as admin from my own Facebook page!! I did not receive this email until almost 5:00PM.  By that time the damage was already done.  

I really miss my page and all my loving followers!  Such great people!

 Anyway my page vanished!!  GONE!!!  I submitted FIVE support requests to Facebook since Thanksgiving!!  No solution or real human response yet!! Just computer generated responses that say that they are looking at the problem!!  The day after these idiots tried to destroy me I set up a new Facebook page.   THIS MY FRIENDS IS MY SECONDARY PAGE!!!!!

It looks like this!!!


Love my new page but want my old page back too!!

Fast forward to December 11th.  

I received an instant message from my blogging friend that she has seen my page but it is full of spam.  These idiots have taken over my page and filled it with crap!!!  Here is the page that you need to report to Facebook!!   Tell them that you want me back.  That Beth Pierce is the rightful owner of this page and that she was hijacked!!

Here is the address for my hijacked page!!!


It is my page it belongs to me and it should not be posting all kinds of stupid crap!!


Please report this to Facebook immediately!!

Please tell them  that the page belongs to Beth Pierce and that it was hijacked and that they need to return it to it’s rightful owner!! Thanks so much!!  






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