Music Building and Recital Hall (MRH)

Arts, Theater, Concert Hall
E Campus Dr (Trinity St)
Austin, TX 78705


  • The Wind Ensemble here isn't bad....
  • It's a great place to practice long as a room is open.
  • Must compete with String Project for practice rooms on weekday afternoons, and GOOD LUCK finding a music stand, because you probably won't find one.
  • Awesome acoustics for any concert! UT Band camp for Jr High and High School hosts their final concerts in this venue.
  • Listen for the organ to find me
  • super cheap way to get instruments and accessories!
  • Horrible cell reception, but we're only here to study.. right?
  • Use a mac
  • For coffee/food, take the extra minute to walk to Lava Java. Cheaper and way better than George's.
  • It's freezing all the time! Bring a wrap.
  • Don't forget to bring something to do during a 2 hour rehearsal.
  • The coldest drinking fountain is on the 4th floor.

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Austin, TX 78705
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