Mr. Baguette

$ $
400 S Atlantic Blvd #288
Monterey Park, CA 91754



  • Wtf $.25 charge per vege pack. (On the side)
  • try their breakfast baguettes. easily beats all other fast foods.
  • Not as good as Lee's Sandwich. Only carrots on their sandwiches.
  • The baguette is excellent - chewy on the inside with a great crispy crust - but they don't put in enough veggies or herbs (cilantro) to create the wonderful flavors of a good Vietnamese sandwich.
  • Prefer this less crowded location to the one in Rosemead.
  • My favorite is the ham and egg sandwich with extra veggies for 50cents. They stop serving the Egg Sandwiches at 5-5:30pm.
  • $2.75 for ca phe siu da makes it the most expensive in W.SGV. Never again.
  • 25 cent for veggies on the side started 5/1... Not very happy...
  • There's always crumbs all over their tables from the baguettes! It's cute! :) I like, lol.
  • Remember to ask before u order. This location runs out fast
  • $0.99 baguettes! :)
  • 8 in Sammies for only 2.20!
  • It's more costly, but the sesame on the French bread makes it more flavorful.
  • they have clam chowder and liver meats! :)
  • walked in and immediately walked out...not what i expected. completely disappointed in the lack of vietnamese french food.
  • Atmosphere is a bit sterile. Cold for what is trying to be a caf. They want to be inviting by providing free wifi but don't really commit to making your stay welcome and comfortable. Needs warmth.

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