The most adorable wrapping party EVER!

The most adorable wrapping party EVER!

Are you ready for some cuteness on this Wednesday morning?? While this is definitely the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, wrapping all of those gifts for loved ones can be an overwhelming and daunting task…but not when you have the cutest helpers EVER by your side! I wanted to get our kids involved in the wrapping process and create some super personal & adorable gift wrap in the process. Gifts are that much more meaningful if they are wrapped with love :) Especially from cuties like these two!

The first thing I did was have the girls decorate plain boxes with stickers, markers, crayons and ribbon. I used kraft paper from Michael’s to wrap the gifts and set out all of the supplies in these cute Christmas tree dishes also found at Michael’s.
For this project, let the aisles of your local craft store inspire you. The kids will love anything you bring home that they can decorate with like rhinestones, bells or even pom-poms! Since my daughter and her friend are still young, we stuck with supplies that were easy for little fingers to maneuver on their own.
They had an absolute blast getting creative with their boxes and took their jobs very seriously :)
Who wouldn’t want to receive these gifts?? They’re almost too cute to open!
I also helped the girls create DIY stamped gift wrap and it’s actually much easier than you think. Here is what you need :
A roll of white or kraft paper, cookie cutters, acrylic paint, paintbrush and a potato. Yes, a potato.
Before the kiddos arrived, I cut the potatos in half, pressed the Christmas tree cookie cutter in one half firmly, and pulled away the outsides. Once you pop the cookie cutter out, you are left with a perfect “stamp.” Pretty genius right? Just repeat with whatever cookie cutter shapes you are using.  And the rest of the creative process, I left up to the 3 year olds!
Once the paper dried, we were ready to wrap up our gifts!
Another simple DIY paper features my favorite, Rudolph! And all you need is a thumbprint. Just have the kids stick their thumb or pointer into brown paint and press all over the paper. Then the adults or older kiddos can follow with a black marker and draw on antlers and a tiny dot of red paint for the nose. Super cute, right?
Another creative way to have kids personalize Holiday gifts is by using sticker letters. This is a great activity for kids who are just learning their letters or even for the older ones who already know how to read. We loved how excited they got when they chose the correct letters to spell their names!
Could this be any cuter??
All of that hard work definitely deserved a treat, and boy did they love their cupcakes! dsc_0039-copy
dsc_0047-copy dsc_0059-copy
And how perfect was this cupcake party setup on a Holiday Little Miss Party in a Box?
dsc_0065-copydsc_0066-copy  dsc_1005-copydsc_0994-copy
We had the absolute best day creating with these little ones. It’s such a fun activity that everyone is going to love, especially those receiving these gorgeous and personalized gifts.  dsc_0711-copy

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !! HAPPY WRAPPING!!

Photos by Abby Copleston

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