Monetta Drive-in Theater (Big Mo's)

Movie Theater
5822 Columbia Hwy. N
Monetta, SC 29105
(803) 685-7949


  • This is just the best place hands down for a great inexpensive family night out
  • Great pizza!
  • Get the souvenir cup. Totally worth the money. Bring an fm radio. You can get an ear bud one at wal mart for 10 dollars if you want to be able to walk around during the movie and not miss anything!
  • 16 bucks for a couple and you get 2 movies (3 if you go in the fall) Totally worth it
  • Make sure to get a souvenir cup for $1 refills and a Frequent Stargazer card at the concession stand.
  • Watch soming she will enjoy
  • Definitely worth the drive! The kids will have a blast!
  • Never go when its 100 degress outside cause you'll sweat your hiney off!
  • "There were once 4,000+ drive-ins in the United States. Today, only about 400 survive."
  • Not a big selection of snacks, popcorn can be stale at times, and food not worth it. Bring a cooler and ur own snacks or dinner. Battery powered FM radio if u plan on sitting outside. Bug spray a plus
  • Bring a battery powered fm radio. People were killing there car batteries left and right
  • AWESOME!!!!
  • The concession stand food is not good