Supermarket, Grocery Store, Pharmacy
1997 E Beltline Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
(616) 447-1500


  • If you are concerned about factory farm #ChemCows, be aware this Meijer used to carry growth hormone free beef but do not anymore. See VanBall's or Kingma's (both on the NorthEnd of the city)
  • Since the new makeover Meijer has received, this place now has anything you ever dreamed of and a sushi bar!! :)
  • This is the nicest Meijer in GR. Second is cascade. The rest...meh.
  • Sushi Wednesday!! Most sushi rolls $4.99!
  • Don't shop here Sunday afternoon (if you value your time or sanity!)
  • They have a clean store
  • If you see Amber in the meat department. Make sure to remind her to wipe the finger prints off the meat case. She's always more than happy to help
  • After remodeling, this place is top notch and draws a better crowd than the Plainfield Meijer.
  • Always check expiration dates. So many expired items....
  • Remodeling. Don't even bother, their selection is shit.
  • little girl is throwing a fit...yelling n stuff, she should be mine for 1 day...she would be a princesses..after, I popped her lil butt!
  • This store must be so great because of the awesome management!
  • They have a great selection there but lately the store has been getting a little trashed and the staff seems less eager to be there.
  • If you're leaving later at night, you can still go out the "emergency exit" if there is all but one sign up.
  • They have a great selection of craft beer. Pretty much rivals any high end liquor store
  • Store is rearranged weekly due to construction. Makes it impossible to run in and just grab a couple things.
  • Stay away from Knapps Corner while it is under construction.
  • Also, an actual sink in the bottle return area would be nice.
  • Make sure you form 1 line going straight back or they'll get uptight.
  • Meijer is my favorite grocery store:)

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