Meet ICE’s Resident Fromager: Max McCalman

Meet ICE’s Resident Fromager: Max McCalman
From, by Institute of Culinary Education

With four books under his belt, an ongoing column in Cheese Connoisseur and a forthcoming cheese and wine pairing app, Max McCalman is among our generation’s most influential voices in the field of cheese studies. In turn, Max has established a path for the recognition and certification of his fellow cheese connoisseurs. In 2012, he was instrumental in ushering in the long-desired American Cheese Society (ACS) Certified Cheese Professional exam. Since then, more than 400 professionals have established their expertise and transformed that skill into an incredible range of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Max McCalman Maitre Fromager Cheese Expert

Drawing from the American Cheese Society's Body of Knowledge, Max McCalman’s new six-session Mastering Cheese course at ICE is the ultimate immersion into the world of cheese, offering instruction in its making, classification, merchandising, nutrition and tasting. For the ambitious enthusiast, current food professional or aspiring career changer, it is an incredible opportunity to train your palate and explore the traditions, myths and allure of one of the world’s most beloved foodstuffs.

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