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Foursquare Tips

  • Lady was rude at the drive-thru window, but I'd be pissed if I had to work at McDonalds too.
  • I'm lovin' it.
  • Holy shit I have been in line forrrevvver I could have made my own freaking breakfast by now..
  • Slowest McDonalds ever!!
  • Drive thru people can't be bothered to actually talk to customers, they're too busy with each other.
  • Seriously can't be this slow all the time
  • Drive thru takes forever. It's been 20 mins and I'm still in line. Do not go here.
  • Worst drive-through EVER!!!
  • Late night/early morning drive thru really sucks. Takes forever, the employees are either sleeping or talking to one another. I have actually been told that they were serving breakfast! 24 hours, huh?
  • This place is packed in the mornings. Drive thru takes a while.
  • Try Burger King across the street they're just as slow at 2 in the afternoon as they are at 2 in the morning. Plus its really dirty for a nice looking mcdonalds
  • The service was terribly slow and the food was cold once we finally got it!
  • Don't ever, ever come here for late night. You'll sit here forever
  • Good place but a little hard to get around in
  • must be no one here made it past kindergarten...they can't count past 3.
  • In the later evenings the staff is limited. Be prepared to be patient.
  • Go in the morning.
  • Late night drive thru sucks!