Row 1

207 W Broadway (W Broadway)
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 584-4773
Fast Food
Mon–Sun: 5:00 AM–10:00 PM

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  • this is the worst mcdonalds this is where all the gangs hang out a cop pulled a gun on a person leaving the store the peploe who hang out here are street people and gang bangers
  • Go thru the drive thru or wear a bullet proof vest... Super ghetto
  • What poor service!
  • These people are the nicest McDonald's employees on Broadway! Drive the distance and skip 12th street!
  • Use the drive thru.
  • Don't give the lady with a Goatee any money...
  • This mcdonalds has great service!
  • Chicken ranch salad with ranch dressing is great.
  • Worst McDonald's ever. Stay away. Vomit covered bathrooms. Flies. Vagrants begging for change inside. Staff was rude. Tear it down and start again...
  • Tip: Check ya food before you leave the lot! #realtalk
  • Nice people, however no one should have to wait 8 minutes for a freaking cup of coffee .
  • Unfortunately, the wait times at this McDonald's tend to be excruciatingly long, such that one forgets it is supposed to be fast food.
  • People drive like they're blind here. I saw a guy reverse around half the building just so he could leave from another exit.
  • Only use the drive thru. They barely service the front counter. This is nuts.
  • Their service sucks plus its dirty.. all kinda flies & gnats flying around when u trying to eat
  • Monopoly is coming back!
  • Hold onto your purse...and your food. Talk about ghetto!
  • All I ordered was oatmeal, why do they have me pull around then take 10 min to being it out