‘McDonald’s Next’ Open in Hong Kong

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‘McDonald’s Next’ Open in Hong Kong

McDonald’s has opened a splashy new concept store in Hong Kong’s Admiralty Center labeled “McDonald’s Next.” In contrast to the pared-down, 492-square-foot Originals prototype recently opened in Toulouse, France, the Hong Kong vision spreads out over 6,000 square feet of shiny metal and bright lights. The store’s opening was intended to mark McDonald’s 40th anniversary in Hong Kong.

McDonald's Next

The store doesn’t just have the Create Your Taste customization platform; it has what it calls the “Create Your Taste Theatre Kitchen,” where diners can watch their creations being assembled. The customization kiosks offer burger creation, of course, but these build custom salads, too (for roughly $6.20 US). The 18 available ingredients include chopped hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken, couscous, quinoa, asparagus and crayfish, according to BrandChannel.

Other differences include a Belgian waffle with berries as a dessert choice and a selection of bagged premium coffee beans from the McCafé counter that aren’t available elsewhere. The restaurant is open until 1 a.m. and table service is standard after 6 p.m.

Free phone-charging stations are another popular feature. Local publication Weekend Weekly gives a video tour of the store.

McDonald's Next Interior