Mask of Si Chuen & Beijing (面譜京川料理)

Szechuan, Beijing
Shop ETS 33, G/F, MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station
尖沙咀, Kowloon City
+852 2311 9233


  • Ask for the vegetarian menu - tons of options here and if you like spicy food they are very generous with their chilli.
  • Vegetarian menu is specially made for jains and Indians..simply superb and delicious dishes and very nice service, cream Brulei is mah fav dessert...:-) :O
  • Lovely Sichuan Cuisine. Hot and Spicy. Very good service too. Highly recommended.
  • +
  • hot, delicious and better costs
  • desserts are amazing. There are some good less-spicy options. Soft-shell crab is too heavy.
  • Excellent Chinese Spicy Faood. Anything you ask For will be delicious, but really hot (Spicy hot).
  • Squid and saute shrimps amazing !!
  • Un dels millors restaurants de cuina chinesa/Sichuan picant de Hong Kong. Una estrella Michelin. Possibilitat de men vegetari.
  • Make sure u make a reservation else you may not get a place. This is not a place to rush through your meal.
  • expensive, but great for vegetarians and jains
  • Amazing food. Don't take the room table. Excellent service and ambience. Don't forget to try stir fried string beans and Mango pot pudding
  • Tip for vegetarians: they have a special veg menu to select from.
  • Great variety of vegetarian options! They have a whole separate menu of nearly 40-50 items. Many of them can even be made without garlic, onions and carrots.
  • Good service and food. If you like pepper, go there!!
  • Service was slow, food was greasy
  • Candied Banana

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