Market Square

200 5th Ave (btwn Forbes Ave & Market St)
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


  • You can find Primati Brothers, among other things, at Market Square. It's awesome. And there's nothing that says Pittsburgh more than a Primanti Bros. sandwich. Enjoy!
  • On a nice summer day it's good to get out and soak in the city culture and meet people.
  • There is a farmer's market every Thursday from late spring until early autumn. It's open mid-morning to mid-afternoon, but get there early for the best selection.
  • There's a great little coffee shop called "star bucks". Give it a try!
  • We love Market Square so much we made a painting of it. Fountain in the summer, skating in the winter, + great food = fun place to hang out any time of the year.
  • Nice place to sit no more bums it actually feels like a sitting square in France awesomeness
  • Please consider recycling!
  • I must say that this corner of downtown has really cleaned up.
  • The reconstructed Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh. Beautiful in its simplicity.
  • Great spot for a coffee, a new book, and people watching.
  • Get some fancy whiskey at wingharts
  • gotta love market square =)
  • St. Patrick's day changed my life. 2012
  • One of the best places in the city. So many cool places to try here and the atmosphere is awesome.
  • The one place which remains happening throughout the day. Lot of options for meals. They have a fruit market every Thursday during the day.
  • It is full of white trash on Saturdays. We ate then immediately left because the people beside us were buying drugs over the phone. Other than that, it's really nice. Lol.
  • Some great people watching here! Ha diamond market salads r great too
  • What a great space! Vastly improved from the past 20 years.
  • much better since i've been there years ago.
  • Beware of zombies!

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