The Market Place Foodstore

Grocery Store
521 W Diversey Pkwy (at N Cambridge Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 348-5721



  • Somebody please build a different grocery store nearby. Since the Dominics on Broadway burned down years ago this place has been cleaning up. Worst grocery store in Chicago.
  • Not sure why this grocery store has so many negative reviews. It's a perfect convenient corner grocery store!
  • The meat dept is AMAZING!! And the produce has a MUCH broader selection than any of the nearby markets
  • Worst grocery store ever! The employees don't even greet you when they're ringing you up. Plus the old fish they sell stinks the place up.
  • Overpriced as all hell. OK from a convenience perspective but otherwise, woof.
  • Ridiculously expensive, but this store has a great craft beer selection.
  • Awful! If another grocery store existed within 1/2 mile of this place, they'd go out of business. One week they'll have a certain item and then the next it's gone, only to return a 2 months later.
  • This place is great for produce and fresh fish. I don't waste my time with Trader Joes produce... No comparison
  • One of the best markets in Chicago, the meat department is beyond compare, if you need ANY cut of meat just ask and they either have it, or can get it in short order
  • Better produce than the Trader Joes about 1/2 mile down the street. Pretty good and convenient all around.
  • Best grocery store music in all of the land.
  • Convenient! BUT the prices are ridiculous.
  • If its on sale, chances are its going to expire in the next 3 days...
  • Guy who checked me out couldn't bag groceries to save his life. He put food in the same bag as cleaning supplies and carton of eggs under meat.
  • delicious fresh sandwiches from the deli!
  • Walked in, walked out way too high
  • $2.99 bottles of Tisdale rock my damn world. all. night. long.
  • The Natalie's orange juice is the best! Taste so fresh and 100% Florida. Look for it in the Fresh Produce area.
  • Great sushi!
  • It's a great place

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