Market Basket

Grocery Store, Supermarket
95 Sutton Ave
Oxford, MA 01540
(508) 987-9539


  • Don't go on the weekends!
  • This is a very good market basket, generally well stocked. Staff is English speaking. 89K sq ft, full seafood, bakery. Abbreviated market kitchen. No coffee shop or seating. Free coffee.
  • Unbelievable prices for stock items like kids lunch items
  • It's Market Basket. Whaddya want? Great prices & full contact shopping.
  • good meat prices
  • Best prices around. Very busy. Don't go there if you don't like crowds. Great variety of produces.
  • I missed mb so much!
  • Go on Friday evenings after 7 it's dead
  • Best time to go is after 8pm. For once I wasn't getting bumped into by swarms of people. Aisles weren't crowded. It was nice!
  • Crazy as always!!!!!!
  • REALLY bad idea to go on a Sunday afternoon. This place was even MORE over populated than on other days of the week. You can't win!
  • Great prices, great variety and quality... I drive a few towns over just to come here ...register lines are always flowing quickly
  • Get your deli ticket first thing! It's always busy!
  • If there's something you can't find here check aisle 13. It's the completely random crap that has no home aisle, and candy
  • So much for helpful service. 2nd time here. Neither time was I even acknowledged by one employee untill I checked out. And walked by 2 mangers talking twice without even a glance towards me.
  • Wicked nice people work here! Always a pleasure.
  • Do NOT attempt to get in and out quick on Sundays between 9 and noon, especially in the deli. You'll be in there for hours.
  • get a roast beef panini w/ spicy mayo in the prepared foods section - DELICIOUS

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