Market Basket

Grocery Store, Supermarket, Food
30 Market Dr
Hooksett, NH 03106
(603) 624-8126


  • Narrow aisles and always packed
  • Verizon service is spottyinside the store. Make your calls before going in.
  • BRING A SWEATER! This place is so cold. I can't imagine the electric bill..
  • customers at this store don't understand the concept of not blocking an entire aisle/area with their cart.
  • 4% off your total purchase until 12/31/14. Awesome!
  • Nice store
  • Much nicer than the Concord stores. More choices, and lots more hot food.
  • There is a stir fry bar.
  • Don't expect the employees to actually acknowledge you, even at the register. Always too busy gossiping amongst each other!
  • Best time to shop is first thing in AM on any day (before 10) if you can. .
  • AT&T doesn't have service inside the store so plan accordingly!
  • watch out for the lady in the cat food aisle.
  • If you go here anytime other then right before it closes, I'd advise being calm...this place is always busy.
  • Tell the walking dead to keep moving and not to block the isles..!
  • Stay away from this store on the 3rd-5th of the month...too crowded. Ask a clerk and they will explain why its so crowded. :)
  • Avoid! Whomever designed this place should not have a job. Place is so crowded and aisles are so narrow that you cannot pass down them.
  • Don't get the romaine lettuce today. Some kid coughed all over it & then rubbed his hair all over it for good measure!
  • Best place to get produce aside from summer time farmers markets!
  • Fridays is stock day, be ready to work around boxes and pallets if morning shopping.
  • Maddd busy... At all times of the day. Yet, the prices are so low, so I keep coming back!

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