Marcus Valley Grand Cinema

Movie Theater, Cineplex
W3091 Van Roy Road (Eisenhower)
Appleton, WI 54915
(920) 831-0431


  • Great place for a handsy in the back row... Bring napkins. ;-)
  • I've honestly never have had problems here. Just get your ticket, sit in a set, and watch the movie.
  • The workers here are all assholes, just get your ticket and avoid all contact.
  • Waaaaaa let's all complain about people serving us waaaaaa btw I go here all the time without any problems ;) they only give what they see!
  • Workers are mainly crabby, stuff is overpriced, but what do you expect from movie theaters these days?
  • Great friendly staff and comfortable seats.
  • This is why I sneak in my own food and drink. I pay for the movie and not for the customer service or $12 popcorn.
  • Now that is no longer Regal they often split movies with other Marcus location. Also no more 10pm movies. IMO Regal was quite a bit better.
  • Go on Tuesday for 5-dollar Tuesday!
  • They annoyingly check my I.D everytime I go. Dude, I've been watching R rated movies since I was like 8 years old! Come on.
  • 21 jump street. FUNNIEST SHIT OF MY LIFE.
  • Knock twice on the third stall
  • 5 Dollar Tuesdays are my absolute favorite!!
  • dream loungers are a beautiful thing
  • This location is way too strict! They don't even give out free popcorn on $5 tuesdays like all the other places do! I'm going to the regal cinema from now on. P.s. I never give bad reviews.
  • Hobbit movies
  • Clean and comfortable... The employees are nice and make u feel happy to be there! Great theater!
  • Don't go in the front in the room because it's so loud and after your neck will hurt because you have to look up.
  • Movie not starting on time...15 mins and still not started...
  • Coupon for popcorn upgrade does not work.

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