Logan Theatre

Row 1

2646 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 342-5555

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Foursquare Tips

  • Intelligentsia coffee, beers on tap, full bar, chocolate covered bananas along w/all the standard movie snacks. Great admission prices also make it a great choice. Support indie theaters!
  • Try to take advantage of the matinee prices. They have some pretty good beer, which you can take with you while you watch a movie.
  • Very nice neighborhood Art Deco treasure that features second run movie classics for reasonable prices
  • $7 to see top movies and to have a great time!!!
  • Ever since opening back up, The Logan Theatre has become a DESTINATION for any movie lover. My favorite has to be the throwback weekend movies :) can't wait for the Labyrinth
  • What an awesome revamp! The lounge itself is enough to go. Decor reminds me of Twin Peaks red room, haha. Great beers on tap, good specials, and I had a huge cheap delicious Sailor Jerry cocktail.
  • Head to the bar, yes I said bar. You can take your drinks into theater with you! Also monday nights at 8 is Comedy night in the lounge. Tuesdays started Movie Trivia night and movies change a lot.
  • $ price not as cheap as pre-renovation but still cheaper than the first run theaters. Renovation worth it though. Doesn't smell like cat piss anymore.
  • Amazing transfomation from ashy to classy.
  • They check bags. Don't bring any candy or soda
  • I absolutely love you Logan Theatre! Check out Freebie today!
  • I love this theater. Cheap tickets, full bar, and comfy seats.
  • Fantastic theatre! Beautifully maintained, comfy seats and even a full bar. Great date spot :)
  • The theatre is great, but the parking is not good .
  • Movie trivia on Tuesday nights. Definitely make a habit of this.
  • An all time favorite place to relax, have a drink and enjoy a great film. I love the fact that they play classic films and very cool events. This is a *must check it out* kind of spot!
  • I would pay money just to look at the old movie posters.
  • Go with the 11.00 boxes of wine to get you thru the movie. 500mls
  • This neighborhood theater serves Diana's Bananas, a chocolate-covered frozen banana on a stick ($4.50), in plain or covered in peanuts. Maybe they're so delectable because they're made in Chicago?
  • Matinee prices are an incredible deal. Cheapest in the city, and a lovely theatre too.