Logan Circle

Washington, DC 20005


  • It's now safe enough to sprawl out and people watch. Go ahead!
  • Great place to walk through. Just walk quickly if its night time.
  • During the Civil War the circle was home to Camp Barker, army barracks converted into a refugee camp for newly freed slaves. Once developed it was known as Iowa Circle, renamed by Congress in 1930.
  • Logan, the biggest circle in DCs' previous name was Iowa Circle.
  • Very serene & quiet, though watch your step on the grass- there are some who don't pickup after their dogs. The popular 14th St corridor is just west of here.
  • The 12 ft. statue in Logan Circle is that of Civil War General John A. Logan, who served as a Congressman from Illinois prior to the war. Watch this YouTube video for more.
  • Just checking in here so my Foursquare doesn't think I'm still in Rehoboth
  • Parking can suck but be patient and a spot will open up for you.
  • Watch out for the chicken bones. They aren't indigenous.
  • More quite and less crowded than DuPont circle but still has interesting sites. Look for Nature Man. This is his spot.
  • Lots of good places to eat/drink. Whole foods is there. Friendly neighborhood.
  • The trees and the park for dogs to chase each other around in.
  • Logan Circle has been my home for the past few months and has completely won my heart.
  • Beautiful neighborhood to visit during the holidays.
  • Great stop for rest, people watching, or reading. Food a few hops down any nearby street
  • By far the most beautiful circle park in DC. Lots of green space and the houses around the circle are gorgeous. Great place to hang out or have a picnic on a nice spring or summer day.
  • Understanding Importance.
  • Monday July 15th 2013
  • Enjoy the park
  • Unzoned parking on the left side of the street on 11th and Vermont.

Nearby places

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