Location of Historic Maxwell Street Market

Historic Site
Maxwell St & Halsted
Chicago, IL


  • Today, the Maxwell Street Market, which still happens every Sunday, has moved to Desplaines St. & Roosevelt Rd.
  • Maxwell Street was once home to a bustling street market, and a place to hear many of the first great blues musicians, new arrivals from the South who would set up at a street corner and jam.
  • Ahhhh...the memories of my father taking us to Maxwell Street thirty-five years ago! I'm sure I saw John Lee Hooker on the street, singing "Boom Boom". Probably where I fell in love with the blues.
  • The interior of Nate's Deli (now closed), was replicated on a Hollywood Set for Aretha Franklin's scenes in "The Blues Brothers" (1980).
  • Are you standing at the corner of Maxwell and Halsted Street? Okay then walk east, toward the brick archway. This archway is just a small part of the historic Maxwell Street Market.
  • Two scenes from "The Blues Brothers" (1980) take place at or near the historic Maxwell Street Market.
  • Blues singer & guitarist John Lee Hooker was filmed live singing "Boom, Boom" in the middle of the bustling Maxwell Street Market, outside of Nate's Deli (formerly at 807 W. Maxwell St, now closed).
  • Shadow of its former self.
  • A treat for a Special Chrat day, I grew up eating them going to the Market with my Grandmother in "Jew Town" as a child!! $2 Polish for February: Black History Month Nice!!
  • Gostei de mais B-)
  • Watch for cars, don't get run over
  • ffffffffffffffffff

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