Life As a Pastry Student: Why Quality Counts

Life As a Pastry Student: Why Quality Counts
From, by Institute of Culinary Education


By Lauren Katz—Student, School of Pastry & Baking Arts


Throughout my life, I've learned to appreciate high quality ingredients—both in the food I'm cooking and dishes prepared by others. One of my biggest revelations on the road to pastry school was the first time I tasted the difference between a cake made from a boxed mix and one made from scratch. Ultimately, I feel infinitely happier consuming something when I know exactly what went into it to make it taste so good. However, it wasn't until pastry school that I truly understood the impact the best ingredients make in the final product. 

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In our bread unit, I have noticed there is a distinct difference between the flavor of breads made with white flour and breads made with wheat. Of course, I already knew that whole wheat bread is healthier, but it wasn’t really until I baked bread myself that I truly realized how ingredient selection impacts the flavor, texture and nutritional aspects of artisanal products.


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