Lenin's Statue

Outdoor Sculpture
3526 Fremont Pl N (at N 36th St)
Seattle, WA 98103


  • Photo opp. for guests from out of town.
  • Instead of a paper document, the permit to place this statue here is signed in the cement by former Seattle mayor Norm Rice.
  • Give him a hug!
  • The irony is in the expensive stores and high end real estate 0-:-P
  • Because John Lennon isn't liberal enough 0-:-P
  • Spark up a conversation about communism and it's effects on the world
  • Welcome to Seattle.
  • The statue was cut into three pieces and shipped to the U.S. at a cost of $41,000. If you take a fancy to it, its for sale: the asking price as of 2006 was $250,000.
  • Don't sit at the tables behind the statue, lest ye be caught in the background of many a tourist photo....and don't touch his finger.
  • THAT is a great update!
  • Look for the bloody hand.
  • Odd statue, good to see if you're in that area.
  • Remember how Lenin had so many of his countrymen killed in order to fuel his demented vision.
  • Amazing it's still here

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