Laurelhurst Park

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Laurelhurst Park (SE Stark St)
Portland, OR 97214
Park, Playground, Dog Run

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Foursquare Tips

  • FAVORITE. This is like wonderland in a city park. The trees are enormous -- this park reminds me that I'm small -- and apparently you can watch Star Trek reenactment rehearsals here too.
  • Fashion tip: dresses don't go with jeans, especially of the wide-leg sort. #hippies
  • Don't feed the ducks. They need to get their own food, not processed bread.
  • Public bathrooms are disgusting.
  • Get some coffee on Belmont and take a stroll
  • Super family friendly place (playground) and cool place to go running. It's actually quite a big park.
  • Great area to walk around, play with your dog, or have a picnic. Only thing is to watch out for some of the homeless people. A couple approached me and I had to move away because one wouldn't leave.
  • I just found a bathroom without a homeless person in it!!
  • It's wet and cold.
  • Great place for running in the mornings! Great place to take the kids during the day!
  • Don't feed the hippies or bums also.
  • Geocaching
  • Lots of space and amazing scenic views
  • Gorgeous park.
  • Foot traffic has exploded since Pokemon Go was released. Lots of PokeStops... And also nature.
  • One of Portland's crown jewels. Beautiful public space with mature trees and natural settings. Places like this make Portland what it is.
  • I am Christopher Iverson
  • Romantic place... for first date/or 100th. Plz keep water clean you sob's -_- smh. There's a sign written by a kindergarten kid, so read the rules. If a child in kindergarten can do it. So can you! :D
  • Has everything
  • Very nice, lots to see