Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt Blvd (btwn Lakeside Dr & Lakeshore Ave)
Oakland, CA 94610


  • Please don't feed the geese!
  • Be on the look out for waterfowl and share with us if you find any!
  • Run around Lake Merritt.
  • Love running/walking here. Everyone in Oakland goes 'round this lake. The best people watching. Best Oakland Pride.
  • If you have young children, Children's Fairyland Park is great. There is a historic Veterans building for dance classes. Farmer's market Saturday Grand Lake is awesome.
  • @Lake Merritt is the oldest wildlife preserve in the country. It is home to thousands of migrant birds. Its also consider the "Crown Jewel" of Oakland.
  • Beautiful day for a run.
  • Hop in a boat & see the lake from a different view.
  • Best place to run or take a walk in Oakland
  • It is actually an estuary so bay and fresh water mixed together fish and ducks live in the lake but as my brother says don't eat the fish or fall in or swim
  • On a beautiful day, bring family, friends, n take a beautiful walk around the lake. It is definitely one of Oakland's gems...
  • I love running here, but make sure you run with your large dog or with other people, never alone!
  • Feel very lucky to have this lake nearby even though the water can get a bit stinky. Many people use it for running, biking, picnicking, and boating.
  • Such a great area for a walk or run
  • Bike around the lake. Check out the bonsai garden.
  • Enjoy a walk around the lake, great views and fantastic places to stop along the way
  • Always smells like pot so wear a breathing mask to avoid the strong scent of Losers! Also wear headphones to avoid getting hit up for money.
  • Great place for an afternoon stroll. Watch out for the pooping geese tho! Lots to do around the lake and great place to live!
  • A unique fresh and salt-water lake, the largest such lake located within an urban area consisting of 3.4 miles around the circumference and the United States' 1st official wildlife refuge since 1870.
  • Good place to run

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