Lake Champlain

Waterfront Park
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 879-3466


  • Like no other place in the world.
  • Keep an eye out for Champy!
  • Lookout for Champ. He'll sneak up on you.
  • The Hot Biscuit Diner
  • Fantastic sunsets, great beaches, and stunning no matter what time of year.
  • Lovely sunsets can be found here. Probably the regions most important resources.
  • Didn't see Champ.
  • Scenic views.
  • Amazing views!
  • What's good here? Hmm... Friends, food, drinks, sunsets, and Champ (he is in there - I swear)
  • Beautiful views
  • A great unknown spot.
  • 3 July every year. Be there
  • On a ferry in the middle of lake Champlain
  • The breeze off the lake is so refreshing
  • One of the best sunsets I've ever seen
  • Sink or swim?
  • Go ice skating on the lake in Winter!!
  • Home of the LCI Derbies!
  • Paddlesurfing Champlain!

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