Lahaina Banyan Court Park

Row 1

Front St (btwn Hotel & Canal St)
Lahaina, HI 96761

Foursquare Tips

  • Try coming here at dusk. A million birds come roost here for the night and give a bird concert at sunset!
  • Homeless, pot-smoking savages hang out that
  • Beautiful tree. Respect it and do have a nice time sitting under its shade.
  • The craft fair under the tree is worth the time spent strolling.
  • Don't cut the vines, they are actually what creates roots for the tree to expand
  • Caught me climbing on the big-ass tree and yelled at me to get down. WORST TREE CLIMB EVER!
  • Kuuuuula tree kula than u, kula than me
  • This Tree is EPIC
  • This is a must see. It's beautiful and quite remarkable actually. Great spot for pics. Thousands of birds and their screeching at! Go during the day if birds aren't your thing.
  • There's a craft faire under the tree on weekends.
  • The shade and the sunsets
  • This is a nice place if you are looking to get off the sun and to admire this beautiful tree
  • #MustSee AMAZING tree to behold!
  • Looks beautiful at night.
  • Here you can cool down a bit.
  • Look out for bird poop if you hang out under the banyan tree.
  • Awesome spot!!
  • Come early in the morning to get the best photos with no other tourists in the shots.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Amazing tree. It's probably prohibited, but carving your initials on it feels great.