Row 1

191 Alps Rd (Baxter St.)
Athens, GA 30606
(706) 543-0209
Supermarket, Grocery Store
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

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Foursquare Tips

  • Worst parking lot in Athens!!
  • This place offers a miserable shopping experience and a nightmarish parking lot.
  • So messy that you spend most of your time discoveing items you need to buy.
  • It's Broke.
  • This store was laid out by an insane person. Nothing is where I would expect it to be.
  • Self-checkout can take longer sometimes
  • Refill water for 30 cents a gallon.
  • If you like wine you can get some seriously great deals. I am talking like $17 bottles for $11!
  • The store is laid out nicely. Plenty of room since the expansion several years ago. UGA section always has a great selection.
  • Biggest Kroger I've ever seen! They have everything!!!!
  • Bread from the deli
  • Kroger is a wonderful place if you actually care about getting treated nicely. The employees are always there to help!
  • Have some of the best deals on frozen veggies
  • FYI: Tanner is a vey courteous and helpful employee. Thanks for the help this morning!
  • Don't go around dinner time... always slammed!
  • Wayyyyyy too crowded.
  • They call it Hot Kroger for a reason!
  • Too crowded as is, but they're expanding and will soon have a Starbucks like the Eastside Kroger.
  • This Kroger location has a Red Box and a Western Union.
  • They have a red box