Hockey, Basketball
305 Harrison St (at 1st Ave N)
Seattle, WA 98109


  • Key Arena would be much better if we could bring the Sonics back. The Storm do their part, but we need more entertainment throughout the year. Bring Back Our Sonics!
  • I love Maroon 5! I lost a bra during your Seattle gig! Lol!
  • Awesome arena!! Where success happened re #weday #freethechildren #giveback #usa !! USA rocks yeah!!
  • Grave Danger has the best fans & plays the best games! Go cheer them on!
  • Roller Derby rules!!!
  • Sit in the nosebleed section and cry because you want the Sonics back.
  • Ivar's Fish and Chips seems to be best bargain at around $8 for 3 piece. Taco stand might be next best.
  • Concert, Roller Derby <3 LOTS Happening At Key Arena!! Go To An Event!! =D
  • Grab food at the Armory before coming in.
  • Bit of a maze backstage but a nice place
  • Sia
  • Honestly miss the Sonics games.
  • Why are the seats made for meek folk? (Notice: If you're over 6 ft., you're going to have a bad time.)
  • We are here
  • I though it was awesome, but normal
  • Get there a bit early to get decent parking.
  • Watched the Seattle University RedHawks play the University of Washington Huskies. Good crowd and great game. Not for international visitors, you cannot use your driving license for ID.
  • Working here is great and everything else is awesome.
  • Good place to see sporting concerts and other events
  • Storm basketball is the best!

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