Kaumana Caves

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  • Once you get inside the lava tube, try shouting. Notice that? Yep, no echo because of all the texture on the walls to absorb the sound. Awesome experience.
  • Bring a great flashlight and a compass. You can walk thru all the way into Hilo downtown.
  • So beautiful! You can travel deep into the caves which are old lava tubes. Bring a flashlight or headlamp
  • The cave can narrow quite a bit.
  • Bring a REALLY bright light.
  • Yes it is the location try look on the map
  • Bring headlamps. Cave floor is wet w/ loose rocks occasionally - you'll want both hands for balance.
  • Check out the left tube. It opens way up (big enough for a car) once you go under the first shelf.
  • Walking through the lava tubes was pretty neat.
  • Lava tubes and peaceful underground.

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