Karaoke Wow!

Row 1

10 W 32nd St #4FL (btwn Broadway & 5th Ave)
New York, NY 10001
(646) 454-1777

Foursquare Tips

  • wow! what a ripoff!
  • They tried to ask for more tips after we already overtipped them and got ripped off. And the guy was totally playing dumb with us trying to get us confused... NEVER come to this place. Avoid it!!!
  • Yay it's accessible by stairs and has a scoring system!
  • Much less crowded here. Clean rooms.
  • I was able to find many of the latest Korean/American songs. Good options and friendly staff.
  • Good music setup, clean rooms, but limited selection compared to Sing Sing
  • It's your standard Noraebang - $40/hour. English song selection isn't the greatest
  • As we were leaving the guy complained that we didn't leave enough tip. What the heck were we leaving a tip on? You did nothing. Not coming back here.
  • This place stay open until your ready leave
  • Watch out because they'll shake you down on your way out
  • Do not go here. $500 for 8 people for 3 hrs of karaoke off a very small selection of songs. $10 per person per HOUR
  • Better tell them how long you need the room for or they'll boot ya. Or better yet, Don't go here.